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Tattoo studio 2222 in Groningen is a professional and specialized tattoo studio. We stand for quality and only work with the best artists and materials.


We tailor our designs and tattoos for every customer. Do you have a nice idea of ​​design, then come visit us in the shop.


In our studio we work with permanent, and various international 'guest' artists who come to tattoo with us.

We are approved by the GGD.



Shop houder en black and grey artiest


Mijn werk als tattoo artiest doe ik met een open mind.

Ik ben gepassioneerd, relaxt, vriendelijk en gastvrij.


Hedde Ottens

Shopowner and black&grey artist




Realistic and color


“Hello, my name is Ines. I was born and raised in Portugal. I took my apprenticeship back in 2008 in Portugal where I was tattooing any style that I came across. In 2018 I started working at Tattoo Studio 2222 in Groningen, where I grew into realistic tattoo style and fell in love with portraits and color work. Right now I am doing realistic work and new traditional.” 

Karina Komarovska

Tattoo artist

I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and started my artistic education in my hometown. Graduated from high school and art school of 4 years basic education, then travelled to Netherlands and started higher education at the Hanzehogeschool and design specialization at Minerva art academy in Groningen.  


Currently i am finishing my last year of bachelor. At the same time I am taking apprenticeship as a tattoo artist in Groningen.





If the tattoo artist has covered the tattoo with a cling film, a sterile compress or a non-sterile, absorbent compress, you may remove this after 2 to 4 hours. Polyurethane wrap wound compress should last four to six days; plaster spray will wear off automatically. You can take a shower with a tattoo.


Treat the uncovered tattoo injury as follows:


- Wash the tattoo twice a day with a mild unscented soap.

 - Dab the tattoo dry after washing with a clean towel.

- Smear the wound with an ointment that you received from the tattoo artist or that he or she recommends.


Make sure during the healing process:


- touch the tattoo wound as little as possible (first wash your hands before caring for the wound);

- do not scratch the tattoo wound;

- the tattoo wound is not covered with tight or soiled clothing;

- do not cover the tattoo wound with bandages or bandages;

- avoid (bubble) baths, pools, saunas and steam baths;

- do not expose the tattoo wound to sunlight or the sunbed.


If you have a tattoo to place then you should not lie in the sun too long or rub your tattoo with sunscreen. Always lubricate your tattoo with sunburn. It can not be ruled out that you have had a tattoo with inks in which UV-light carcinogens can be released. These substances are called aromatic amines and they originate from unauthorized azo dyes. There is no evidence yet that people with a tattoo have become ill because of these substances. This requires more extensive research.





Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 97, 9712 NH, Groningen

Tel: +31 050 5536256




Tuesday - Friday: 11am - 6pm

Thursday: 11am - 9pm
​​Saturday: 11am - 5pm


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